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Kids Classes

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Tiny Dancers 
3 years old

This 45 minute class for first time dancers will focus on an introduction to balance, coordination, flexibility and rhythm through fun interactive teaching methods at the barre and across the floor.

  • Ballet shoes required

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Ballet/Hip Hop/ Tap/Jazz Combo for
4 - 6 years old

1st or 2nd year dancers will be introduced to a variety of dance styles. Ballet will focus on body placement through the 5 positions and barre work. Hip hop will develop coordination and rhythm. Tap dance will incorporate beginning tap footwork and tap combinations. Jazz will introduce dancers to leaps, turns and combinations.

  • Ballet shoes and tap shoes required

  • Jazz shoes optional

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Hip Hop/Pom 
7-17 years old

1st, 2nd or 3rd year dancers will develop rhythm and coordination through hip hop movements done during across the floor work and center work. Students will be introduced to pom style dance through center work focusing on “half-time routine” dance combinations.

  • Athletic shoes/sneakers required

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7-17 years old

1st, 2nd or 3rd year dancers will explore more intricate levels of ballet and lyrical. Dancers will focus on correct body placement, coordination and foot technique at the barre and across the floor. Leaps and turns will be developed.

  • Ballet or lyrical shoes required

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7-17 years old

1st, 2nd or 3rd year dancers will be introduced to the movements of jazz and contemporary styles of dance. Both flowing and staccato movements will be woven together during across the floor and center work combinations. Leaps and turns will be developed.

  • Jazz shoes required

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7-17 years old

1st, 2nd or 3rd year dancers will be introduced to tap footwork and tap combinations at the barre, across the floor and during center work. Students will learn baton twirling while also being trained in correct body placement and technique.

  • Tap shoes and baton required

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Drill Team Prep/Leaps/Turns
12-17 years old

This class is focused on preparing students to try out for high school drill team. Flexibility and coordination will be the focus. Splits, high kicks, leaps and turns will be developed ensuring proper body alignment and posture in order to maintain safety of joints, muscles and ligaments.

  • Jazz shoes required

Beginning Pointe
13-17 years old

3 years of previous ballet classes required. Students will utilize what they’ve learned in ballet class and begin their journey up on pointe. Focus will be on correct placement of the foot and ankle, balance and coordination through barre work and center work.

  • Ballet shoes and pointe shoes required


Parade Team
7-17 years old

On the 2nd Saturday of each month students will learn how to march in formation while executing parade style choreography to prepare for local parade events throughout the year in Lago Vista and Cedar Park. Two teams will be established, a pom team and a twirling team. Students must be enrolled in at least one studio class in addition to participate in parade team.

  • Athletic shoes/sneakers required 

  • Baton required for twirling team

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