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The Joy Of Dance

Training Students Of All Ages In The Different Styles Of Dance

We are not a competitive studio. We are values individual excellence over medals or trophies. At LV Dance Studio, we believe in the innate potential that exists in every student. We are passionate about helping students find and strengthen the best in them.

We want to to avoid a focus on trophies, competitions, and waistlines which can create a competitive atmosphere of anxiety and poor body image where only a few students shine and others are left on the sidelines. We believe that excellence can be achieved by all students, regardless of age, body type, or natural ability. Our programs allow students to refine their talents while strengthening their weaknesses with opportunities to succeed and meaningfully contribute in diverse areas of the studio.

At LV Dance Studio, we believe the greatest gift we can give the artistic community is a dancer who not only has a broad knowledge and strong technique, but who can apply those talents in a spirit of confidence and compassion with a commitment to community service.

Dance can be a powerful tool for developing individual leadership skill. The process of learning dance teaches our students to set goals, to work effectively in teams, to creatively solve problems, and a host of other character building attributes.

We recognize that only a small percentage of our students will become professional dancers...while all of them will become professional people!  At LV Dance Studio, we are committed to helping them become the most successful people possible.

We are starting from beginning level and build up to an advanced. Adults who have never danced before and adults who are returning to the floor after some time away can both find the class that will build fitness and technique.

Our experienced instructors are committed to helping students of all ages find success both in and out of the studio. Our instructors are passionate about helping each student build the confidence that comes from a positive dance training experience. 


Our Instructors

Natalia Balina Zborowska

Founder/Owner and Instructor at Lago Vista Dance Studio
Natalia is a native of Russia, where she graduated from Lidia Gilevich School of Ballet in her hometown Tobolsk (Syberia). She then went on to graduate from the Institute of Fine Arts in Perm, Russia. Following, Natalia studied Choreography and Dance at University of Arts and Culture in St. Petersburgh, Russia. She later continued her education at Tulane University in Louisiana. 
Natalia has performed at Panfilove’s Ballet, Perm, Russia (modern dance company), Wroclaw’s Musical Theater in Poland, Vanderbilt Dance Group in Nashville, TN, Sabato Gigantes TV Show, Komenka Ethnic Ensemble and the D-Project Modern Dance Company in New Orleans, La. 
Natalia taught Ballet and Character Dance at the New Orleans Ballet Association, and also taught at various Summer Intensives around New Orleans. Founder, director and dance instructor of the Jay Dance Studio in North Country (NYS) where she taught Character Dance at Lake Placid School of Ballet and Dance. Natalia also taught ballet for Figure Skaters at the Lake Placid Olympic Center summer intensive. She has collaborated with North Country Ballet Ensemble and choreographed their Polichinells Dance for Production of Nutcracker. Natalia has worked as the choreographer for the children’s musical theater “Mountain to Mountain” and has done choreography for multiple productions. Natalia moved to Lago Vista in 2017 and since she has been teaching dance and Ballet in The Pivotal Academy of Dance in Buda as well as The Dance Academy & Ballet Academy North in Leander. Natalia is passionate about the art of dance and ballet and is looking for opportunities to share her love and passion with local community.

Meghan Hopper

Meghan Hopper is a choreographer and teacher. She began her career at age 8 and began competing competitively at age 12. She then went on to dance for her high school varsity dance team for 3 years. She continued her journey in college and became a member of The World Famous Texas State Strutters. While on Strutters, she performed at Texas State sporting events, several parades, a presidential inauguration, Disneyland in Paris, and several Spurs basketball games. She served as Vice President her senior year and was a member of the Pom Squad for 3 years in a row. Meghan has had the privilege of teaching dance since 2013 and has also mentored and trained drill team prep students. Meghan is passionate about dance and loves teaching students various types of dance styles.

Faith Liebel

Faith has been a member of the Lago Vista community since 2020. Having relocated from the greater Dallas area. Faith has a varied and extensive background in classical ballet having studied under the direction of Stefan Wenta and Stanley Holden in Los Angeles, CA. Faith started her Ballet dancing career at age six and has continued to dance and teach on and off through today. Faith has experience with recitals and choreography as well as working with elementary age children in public schools. Faith is a certified aerobics instructor who has taught aerobic classes since the 1980’s. Faith loves movement as well as the art of dance and ballet. Faith is looking forward to rejoining the  Lago Vista dance instructor team and working with students at all levels and ages as she shares her love of dance and her passion for ballet! Faith stays active outside of dance by working out, line dancing, and landing roles with the Lago Vista Players. A local play troupe in which Faith is an active member.

mckenzie headshot.jpeg
McKenzie Keefe

McKenzie has spent her life falling in love with dance, and is passionate about helping others reach any level of excellence they wish to pursue in this craft. In the studio environment since the age of 3, she spent 20 years training & competing in Southern California at dance studios including The Element Dance Centre & Just Plain Dancin'. She went on to become a collegiate performer as a 4 year member the University of Arizona Pomline, which led her to performing at football/basketball games in the PAC-12 conference, as well as at UDA competitions where college dancers perform at the highest level. Her specialties are in the styles of Jazz, contemporary, ballet, and tricks/technique. Lago Vista has recently become her new home, and she is very excited to share her choreography, technique coaching, and love of dance with this community.

Kellye Deauquier
Brandi Wolfe

Kellye's dance journey began at three years old in Houston, Texas. She embraced various dance styles and joined her studio's competitive team at five. Throughout her childhood, she excelled in competitions and also showcased her talents in parades, twirling baton. High school saw her on the drill team, eventually becoming its Captain. While family responsibilities temporarily shifted her focus, she rediscovered her passion for dance through her role as Assistant Director of the Lago Vista Valkyries Drill team. She also embraced teaching at Lago Vista Dance Studio, eagerly anticipating a permanent role inspiring young dancers. Kellye's story is one of lifelong dedication to dance, leading her back to her first love and the chance to pass on her passion to a new generation

Brandi was a gymnast and cheerleader/dancer in California from 5th grade through her first couple of years of college, and then back into the studio after having children. She has taught, choreographed, performed, and competed in several styles of dance over the years, including Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, and most recently (May 2017 – Oct 2021) County Western, West Coast Swing, as well as American Smooth and American Rhythm Ballroom dancing. Brandi is a Nationally ranked American Smooth dancer, and multi-time Regional Champion for both American Smooth and American Rhythm.


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